Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2018 Plan N

If you are looking for a Medicare supplement plan that has lots of coverage but doesn’t cost a lot and doesn’t waste your money on coverage you may not need, then Plan N is probably a good fit for you. This no-nonsense supplement plan is saving lots of people plenty of money, and we recommend Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2018 Plan N to anyone who thinks they could use all the coverage it offers.

Plan N Benefits

It is just as important to look that Plan N does not cover as it is to look at what it does. So, here are the few items that are on the supplemental coverage list that it won’t provide coverage for:

  • Medicare Part B deductible
  • Medicare Part B excess charges
  • Copayments of $20 and $50 for some visits to healthcare facilities

These are expenses that are often considered uncommon or minor. The Part D deductible or example, costs $183. The copayments, as you can see, are quite small. The excess charges, on the other hand, are rare, and you would only have to pay that under special circumstances.

Now, let’s look at what the plan does cover. It takes care of all the remaining Medicare supplement expenses, but we are not going to assume you are familiar with all of those. Here then are the supplemental expenses that Plan N will cover for you:

  • Hospice care for 365 additional days more than what the Medicare basic plan covers you for
  • Medicare Part A deductible
  • Medicare parts A and B copayments (also known as coinsurance)
  • Nursing care coinsurance
  • 3 pints of blood each year
  • Foreign travel exchange (up to 80%, but you must pay a deductible first)

Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2018 Plan NThis extensive coverage allows you to consolidate medical expenses and not have to pay as much out of your own pockets for healthcare. You can enjoy powerful coverage for what is typically a very reasonable price. You won’t need to pay as much for Plan N as you would for plans F or G, and that’s attractive to Medicare subscribers who want a lot of coverage for a good deal.

Where You Can Get a Good Rate for Plan N

Are you looking to save as much money as possible on your medical expenses? Of course you are, and you want a plan that can help you do that. Plan N is a cost-effected plan, but it only manages to save you money if you find a good rate for it. Paying for the first Plan N you find is not the smartest move, as you could be missing out on some great savings from other versions of the plans.

You will find that each of the insurance companies that sells this plan has their own prices set for it. The prices may change every year or so, and they can even be different in one state to the next, but you can still find low rates if you look long enough and hard enough.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2018 Plan N does not have to be an expensive coverage plan, even though it does cover a lot for you. You can get some great value for your money by sourcing a bunch of quotes for this plan. You do that by visiting the websites for the various insurance companies that sell the plans or contacting the providers directly. Then request a quote from each website individually. That sounds like it might take a long time, doesn’t it?

Alternatively, you can use a price comparison website, which is much faster and more efficient. This allows you to enter in the basic information for the plan you are looking for and then wait a few seconds for results. In moments, you will know how much a few different insurance companies are charging for the plan you want. There is no faster or more reliable way to compare rates on Medicare supplement plans.


Medicare Supplement Plans 2018


How Plan N Stacks Up

Plan N is not your only choice, nor should you consider it to be. There are other plans out there, and one of them may be a better choice for you than Plan N. While this coverage plan offers a lot, it can also be costly, a den it is important to consider how well it will cover you compared to how much it costs. If it seems expensive and it looks like there are going to be some expenses that it offers coverage for that you may never need to pay for, then you need to find a lower coverage plan. You can always change your mind later, as your situation changes, and choose a different plan. However, you may be limited as to what time of year you can change plans, and it is always best to keep your plan until the end of the plan term and then change it out. You will avoid a lot of hassle this way.

Plan N could be offering you too little as well. In that case, you should compare it to Plan F or Plan G. These offer a bit more coverage at a higher price, and they are worth your time if you are considering Plan N. They are so similar that we urge everyone who is interested in Plan N to have a look at them. They may find that one of these will work better for them.

Plan G may be the most popular supplemental coverage plan right now, but you don’t want to be ignorant of your other choices. You need to know what is available to you and how it stacks up to Plan N and the coverage you need from a supplement plan. With some searching, you may find a better, more suitable plan that meets your needs and doesn’t cost more than you can afford.

Be sure to choose a plan that is within your means to pay for. All the coverage in the world won’t do you much good if you can’t afford it. So, carefully choose between Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2018 Plan N and the other Medicare supplement plans available.


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