Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison for 2018

How well does your current medical coverage take care of your medical expenses right now? Are you looking for further coverage to make your medical bills easier to pay? If so, then you may consider the Medicare supplement plans. These attach onto your current Medicare basic plan and provide additional coverage for common medical expenses (and some not so common ones). We want to show you how important it is to do a Medicare Supplement plans comparison for 2018 and how you can do that to find the best deal for yourself.

Why Compare the Plans?

First of all, let’s look at why you would compare the plans. There are 10 of them in all, and they all have different items they cover. They all draw from the same list of coverage items, so there are plenty of similarities, and that can make it hard to tell some of them apart.

However, just one item of difference between two plans can add up to hundreds of dollars in extra costs for you over the years. You need to carefully choose the plan you are going with so that you don’t overpay for your coverage. You also want to avoid getting less coverage than what you really need, and to do that, you have to compare the plans.


medicare supplement plans 2018


Comparing Medicare Supplement plans can save you money and make sure that you are covered for those medical expenses that are most common to you. You can’t just choose the plan that is the most popular or that a friend of yours chose. That’s not a wise way to pick medical coverage. You have to find the plan that suits you best and then get the best deal you can on that plan. That way, you can be covered for all those expenses you accrue most often and still afford the coverage.

How to Compare Medicare Supplement Plans

Now that you know why you should be comparing the plans, let’s look at how you can do that. It may seem like it would take a while to sort through 10 different plans with barely discernable differences, but we can help you narrow down the list a bit.

You should have some idea of what level of coverage you would benefit most from. Do you have lots of medical bills to pay after Medicare provides its coverage or is it just a little bit? Those who need lots of coverage should look at high coverage plans, like F, G, N and C. Those who need only a little coverage can look at the remaining plans and find something that should suit them.

You also have to take into consideration that you may not need a medical supplement plan. You may find as you do your Medicare Supplement plans comparison for 2018 that you would not benefit from all the coverage that even the least of these plans provides. In that case, you may need alternative coverage or just pay for remaining medical expenses out of your own pocket.

To compare the plans, you need to look at two factors- coverage and price. Each of the plans covers something different. They may all draw from the same list of deductibles, copayments, excess charges, blood usages and more, but they do so in different ways.

That coverage is set by Medicare, so no matter which insurance company you buy one of these plans from, they are still abiding by Medicare’s set coverage for that plan you choose.

The price, one other hand, can change. You can pick out a plan you want to go with, that covers you like you need to be covered, and then you can compare the cost on that plan. Each insurance company will have their own set price for each plan they sell. These prices are not determined by Medicare, but instead, they change with the value of the market. The prices tend to change about once a year, and you may want to keep up with those changes as you look at plans and decide what you want to go with.

You can use a price comparison website to quickly examine the costs on a single plan from multiple insurance companies. That way, you can save some time and find accurate prices at a glance instead of doing a lot of work to source multiple quotes.

Which Supplemental Coverage Plan Do You Need?

There are ten plans to choose from, so how do you determine which one will be right for you. We’ll, it is going to take some work, and you will want to examine a few of the plans in turn to figure out which ones are not good for you and which ones might be decent picks. You may end up with a few plans that you like and that you think might be good matches for you. There are often small differences between the plans that can make a few of them appealing to you.

Plan F, for example, is a full coverage plan. But Plan G and Plan N are very similar in coverage to this plan. They all offer full or nearly full coverage, and it’s worth looking at what each of these offers and comparing them to find the right coverage for you. You want to look at both the pricing on these plans and the coverage, though, to ensure that you are getting value for your money. While Plan F may cover you for more items, you may not need all those items to be covered, in your situation. You may benefit from something a little less robust and less expensive.

You also have to factor in your budget and what you can afford. You may want tons of coverage, but as you do your Medicare Supplement plans comparison for 2018, you may realize that you can only afford a low coverage plan. You can see then why it is so vital that you compare the pals and make sure you get the best deal for your money and your medical coverage needs.


Medicare Supplement Plans 2018