Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 Comparison

Do you think you could do with a little extra medical insurance? If you have Medicare’s basic plan and you still need more coverage, then making a Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 comparison might be perfect for you. We want to take some time to look at the Supplement plans that may be good options for the average Medicare subscriber and show you what they cover and what you need to do to sign up for them.

The Top Plans

We can’t point to one of the ten Medicare Supplement plans and say in any honesty that this plan is the right one for you. Each of the plans is different, and that is for a reason. Each one is meant to suit a different kind of person. There are high coverage plans and low coverage plans. Which one you should choose depends on what your needs are, and no one knows what those are better than you do.


medicare supplement plans 2018 comparison


The plan a lot of people choose is Medicare Supplement Plan F. This is very popular because it can cover every supplemental expense. That also means that it is the most expensive of the all the Supplement plans, and that could put it out of your price range. You may not require all the coverage that it offers you, though, so don’t get caught up in the allure of full coverage if you don’t really need it.

Plan G is quite similar to Plan F, and it only differs in a single item of coverage. Plan N offers you slight less coverage, but it is still similar to Plan F. These are all good choices for people who have lots of medical needs. Maybe you don’t, but if you find yourself making frequent payments out of your own finances for medical care, then you may need one of these higher coverage plans.

There are also some low coverage ones for those who need only a little extra coverage. You can decide how much coverage you want and pick a plan that suits you well. When comparing 10 plans, you should not have much trouble finding a suitable choice.

What Supplement Plans Cover

Medicare plans will take care of lots of different medical costs for you. If you choose the right plan, then you should have little to pay out of your own pockets for healthcare expenses. Or at least you should make your own healthcare more affordable for you. This supplementary plan is all about saving you money, and if the plan you chose does not save you more money than any other Supplement plan, then you need to rethink your choices and find a better plan.

Let look now at what these Supplement plans comparison will take care of for you. These are expenses covered by at least some of the plans, though they all differ. Some plans will cover more of these items than others, while some of the plans will only cover a percentage of certain of the items we list here.

They are:

  • Nursing care coinsurance
  • Hospice care coinsurance
  • Hospital expenses coinsurance
  • Medicare Part B consonance
  • Medicare Part B deductible
  • Medicare Part A deductible
  • Three pints of extra blood for each year
  • Emergency medical transport in foreign countries
  • Medicare Part B excess charges

That’s the full list, and you should know that some of these expenses will only be covered for the year. They can renew each year, but you have to be careful about going over the limit provided. The pints of blood and the coinsurance coverage may only cover you for a certain number of expenses per year. Once you go over that limit, then you have to make payments on your own, even though you are still signed up for the plan. Be sure to pay close attention to what’s being covered and how long it is covered for.


Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 Comparison


Medicare supplement plans for 2018 have the same coverage as the Supplement plans from last year. That hasn’t changed at all, and Medicare will let its subscribers know if it is going to change the coverage anytime soon. They usually notify subscribers as soon as the organization knows about upcoming changes, and they won’t just spring changes in coverage on you. There will always be fair warning when you are dealing with Medicare.

The Cost of Supplemental Plans

Supplemental insurance comes with a price tag, and you need to know about the costs before you try to apply for one of these plans. You have to pay a monthly premium on any Supplement plan you are subscribed to. That’s in addition to the premiums and other costs for the Medicare Original Plan. You must have a Medicare Original plan in order to qualify for a Medicare Supplement Plan. You can sign up for both at the same time, but if you want to get a Supplement plan, then it must be accompanied by an original Medicare coverage plan.

You won’t find a set cost for these plans. The prices are all over the place, because you aren’t getting them from a standard source. Unlike Original Medicare, these plans are not sold by Medicare for a set cost. They are sold by private insurance providers, and they are allowed to charge what they want for the plans. That means the prices can and do change frequently. Most companies will change their rates about once year, but rates can also change around enrollment time, so watch out for that.

After you make a comparison and once you sign up for one of the Supplement plans, then you can get your rates locked in. That’s a great way to save money, so long as you know that you will need the plan and the coverage it is offering for as long as you signed up for it. The minimum term for one of these Supplement plans is usually one year. Once that term is up, you can switch to another plan, and you may want to do just that if your current plan is no longer a good fit for you.

The cost of the plan does not determine the coverage that plan offers you. The name of the plan determines coverage, so anytime you buy Plan F, you know you are getting a full coverage plan, and that it will cover everything we listed earlier in the article.


Medicare Supplement Plans 2018



The cost is determined by the insurance companies that sell the plan. You will want to compare their rates in order to find the best one. The more of their rates you compare, the more likely you are to find the very best rate out there. Those rates change in time, so make sure that your information is accurate before you start signing up for a plan.

The coverage remains the same with any plan, regardless of price. The insurance companies that sell the Supplement plans may be able to set the rates for the plans, but they cannot decide the coverage. That is solely up to Medicare, so you don’t have to worry about it changing without prior notice. You also don’t have to worry about one insurance company selling you a different version of Plan F or some other Medicare Supplement plans 2018 comparison than what the standard is.

These are all standard plans with standard coverage, and the only way the coverage can differ from one Plan F to another or from one Plan G to another is if there is a difference in one state’s definition of what is medically necessary.

The Supplement plans will only cover you for the items we listed if the services you receive are considered medically necessary. The Medicare Supplement plans for 2018 may have set coverage, but they are still subject to the greater authority of the state and national government. That’s something to keep in mind as you are comparing plans and trying to determine what exactly will be covered.