Medicare Supplement Plan F 2018

If you have heard about any of the Medicare supplement plans specifically, odds are that you have heard about Plan F. Now Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2018 is still the same full coverage plan you always hear about, even though coverage changes may be coming to some of the plans.

Medicare isn’t likely to shake up one of its most popular plans, and no one wants to see Plan F drop the classification of “full coverage plan”. So it should still cover all supplementary expenses come 2018. Now what do those expenses include? Let’s look at the list.


medicare supplement plans 2018


First off, Plan F takes care of your biggest medical expense (or at least the supplementary side of it) and that is hospice care. This is also known as Part A coinsurance, and it includes a lot of the costs of just staying at the hospital in a hospital room. Now Plan F isn’t going to cover that entire expense. Medicare pays for part of it and part of it you have to pay on your own, but when you add Plan F’s coverage to Medicare basic, you get a lot of coverage for a major expense.

Of course, that’s not the only thing this plan will cover. It also takes care of your nursing care services expense. On top of that it covers all your co-payments. That includes Medicare Part A and Part B co-payments. Furthermore, this plan will cover you for extra blood every year- as much as three more pints.

Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2018 also takes care of the majority of your deductibles. That’s Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles. These come out of your pocket every time you visit the hospital or some other healthcare provider, but Plan F will take care of all of them. It further provides coverage for your Medicare Part B expenses as well as for emergency medical care that you receive when you are outside the US.


Medicare Supplement Plans 2018


Now there may be times where this coverage isn’t applicable to you, such as when you go to a hospital outside the network area of the insurance provider you are signed with. If you go willingly, then you probably won’t receive any of this comprehensive coverage. That depends on the type of plan you have, of course. Some plans allow you to still receive partial coverage outside their network of healthcare providers.

Also, if you have an emergency and you have to be taken to a non-network hospital, then your provider may be required to offer you full coverage for your care there. Still, if you want to enjoy all the coverage Plan F has to offer, you should try to buy it from an insurance company that has healthcare facilities on its network near you.

With Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2018, you will receive the maximum amount of supplemental coverage. If you have a lot of medical needs, then this may be the plan for you. of course, you should consider your other choices and decide for yourself which plan is going to fulfill your needs best.


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