Medicare Supplement Plan C 2018

For those seniors and Medicare subscribers who need lots of coverage for their medical expenses, Plan C may seem like a fitting plan. We are going to examine Medicare Supplement Plan C 2018 and show you what it will offer you and whether it is a good choice for you.

Singing Up for Plan C

If you were to sign up for Plan C today, you would get some impressive coverage. There probably wouldn’t be too many medical expenses left for you to pay out of your own pockets. You would be covered for so many of the supplemental costs that you wouldn’t need to pay much in healthcare costs beyond Plan C’s premiums and the premiums for the basic Medicare plan.

You do need that base Medicare coverage if you are going to qualify for Plan C. That’s a requirement for any Medicare supplemental plan. You can only sign up for these if you both qualify for the base Medicare coverage and you have already signed up for that coverage. You are welcome to sign up for both at the same time, if you like, but you should know that you will have to purchase them from different places.

medicare supplement plan c 2018Medicare is available, of course, through the Medicare organization that is run by the US government. That’s the only place you can buy the basic Medicare plan. The supplemental plans, on the other hand, though they still carry the Medicare label, are only going to be sold through private insurance companies. These are companies that may sell other types of insurance or other medical coverage plans.

Plan C is not going to be available at every insurance provider, but those that do sell it can set their own rates for it. That means that you could be seeing all sorts of different prices on the same plan. You ought to know that the coverage on the plan is not changing, despite what the price may be. You could pay all sorts of different rates for Plan C and still get the exact same coverage. Medicare ensures that the coverage stays the same for you, no matter where you are purchasing your plan from.

Coverage You’ll Get

Once you sign up for Plan C, you will be able to enjoy a wealth of coverage for medical expenses. This is practically a full coverage plan, but it doesn’t cover you for the Medicare Part B excess charges. It will cover you for everything else, though, and that’s substantial.

All its coverage is going to be items that are labeled as supplemental. So, there are medical expense that won’t be covered for you that are uncommon, but the most common ones should all be covered by either your base Medicare plan or Plan C.

The coverage for Medicare Supplement Plan C 2018 is the same as it was last year and will stay the same until at least 2019. It starts with coverage for one of the most expensive healthcare items- hospice care. It provides 365 more days of coverage than what the base Medicare plan will give you.


Medicare Supplement Plans 2018


It also covers you for the deductibles and the copayments on Medicare parts A and B. These are major payments that you would have to make on a regular basis- essentially anytime you visit the hospital or doctor’s office for care. They are all covered by Plan C, which is impressive, considering most of the other supplemental plans won’t cover these for you. Most of them leave off coverage for Medicare Part B’s deductible.

The coverage extends to nursing care coinsurance as well. It also covers you for foreign travel exchange costs (topping out at 80% coverage on this item) and for some pints of blood. You get three more pints each year with this plan, which is important for seniors who regularly go over their allotted blood every year that Medicare covers them for.

Is Plan C Your Best Option?

As with any supplemental plan, you must ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is it covering me like I need to be covered?
  • Is there a better plan for my situation?
  • Can I afford this plan?

Plan C is one often highest coverage plans, equal to Plan G in a lot of ways, but not quite as full coverage as Plan F. That makes it a great choice for people who need tons of coverage but not so great for those who are doing good with the coverage they receive from Medicare alone. You ought to look at your situation and see where you fall. Even if you have a lot of healthcare expenses to pay out of pocket even after Medicare’s basic plan provides its coverage, that doesn’t mean that Plan C is right for you.

That’s because there are other similar plans, and you need to compare it to them to see which one will suit you better. It is so much like Plan F that this is the best plan to compare and contrast it to. You will find as you compare coverage that the only difference is that Plan C does not cover the Medicare Part B excess charges, but Plan F does. That’s an uncommon medical expense that you will only be charged if the healthcare provider who treated you does not accept Medicare assignment.

Don’t just stop at comparing coverage, however. You also want to compare the price. In most cases, Plan F is only a few dollars more expensive each month than Plan C, which means that the encourage it provides is superior for most people.

Keep that in mind as you look at Medicare Supplement Plan C for 2018. It may be better for you to go with Plan F, even if Plan C seems like good fit. You have to consider how much you could save if you were to experience those excess charges. Just take your time to pick the best plan for you.


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