Cigna Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2018

Cigna is one of the major providers of medical insurance of all kinds, including dental and senior medical coverage. Their Cigna Medicare supplemental insurance for 2018 is coverage that people will be looking forward to. They are well regarded within the insurance community, and their reasonable rates and wide variety of services make them a good choice for Medicare subscribers who are looking for a bit more coverage.

About Supplemental Plans

Medicare provides a basic plan that many seniors will sign up for once they reach age 65. This basic plan takes care of lots of their medical needs, covering many of their healthcare expense in one convenient and reasonably priced package. What it does not do is cover them for the many other expenses they may have to pay to receive necessary healthcare.

In fact, Medicare only covers up to 80% of all Medicare Part A and Part B expenses. So, Medicare has assigned a classification for each kind of healthcare expense, but then it only covers most of them with its basic plan.


medicare supplement plans 2018


To get coverage for the remainder of parts A and B and other medical expenses, people will need to sign up for additional or alternative coverage. The most practical additional coverage comes in the form of supplemental plans. These are plans that Medicare has divided (but it does not sell) to work in conjunction with its base plan. So, you must have that base plan for the supplemental coverage plans to work.

You cannot be signed up for other insurance plans for your healthcare at the same time, as they will overlap with the supplement plans. Medicare doesn’t want you paying twice for the same coverage, so it won’t allow you to have any overlap.

If you are interested in a supplemental plan, then you need to go to an insurance company like Cigna for your coverage. They sell Medicare supplemental plans in a few varieties, so you have some choice as to which plan to pick. It’s not like Medicare’s basic plan, where there is only one plan to sign up for.

Another thing that separates the supplemental plans from the base plan is the cost. The insurance companies can decide for themselves what the cost will be. They determine the price, and they can change the price at will. Of course, if you sign up for plan, you are locked into your premium for the course of the plan. That usually lasts a year, at which point, you may have pay a higher rate.

Each company has their own rates, so if you don’t like what Cigna is charging for them then you can choose an alternative. There are plenty of them to pick from, so you should be able to find an affordable plan from a provider that’s selling it at a reusable price.


Medicare Supplement Plans 2018


How the Plans Will Cover You

Cigna Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2018No matter whether you are buying the Cigna Medicare supplemental insurance 2018 or some other insurance company’s coverage plan, you will be getting the same coverage. Each plan is different, but each provider must choose the plans they sell from the same list, with coverage all guaranteed and designed by Medicare. Only Medicare gets to decide how much coverage a given plan will offer. Only Medicare gets to make changes to that coverage, and it has already stated that no changes will be happening until at least 2019.

The coverage these plans can offer you varies depending on which plan you choose. Plan F, for example, covers all the supplemental expense we are going to talk about in a moment. Other plans cover fewer items resulting in lower coverage and a lower price point.

The coverage for Plan F, and this the coverage that all other plans draw from, is for several healthcare expenses. That includes coverage for copayments on Medicare Part A and Part B. These are also known as coinsurance, and they are common expenses that are covered by most plans.

You can also be covered for the deductibles for those same parts of Medicare- A and B. Just know that only Plan F will take care of the Part B coverage.

Further brokerage includes three pints of blood every year. That’s beyond what you are covered for by the basic Medicare plan.

You can be covered for foreign travel exchange as well, which takes care of much of the cost of being transported to a medical facility outside the US for an emergency.

Furthermore, you may be covered for nursing care coinsurance and Medicare Part B excess charges. How much that coverage ends up being will depend on how high the charges are.

The last item that this plans cover is the hospice care under Medicare Part A. that’s another 365 days of coverage past what you are provided for by the basic Medicare plan.

Not all that coverage is provided by every Medicare supplement plans. As mentioned earlier, only Plan F covers all this. The other plans will cover this in bits and pieces. Plans like G and N, which are high coverage plans, offer a lot of this coverage, while others will offer much less.

Some plans only cover many of these item in parts like for 50% of the cost and not for the full cost. Other plans like Plan N, will cover most items fully, but will still ask you to pay some copayments. These may be small, but they are still out of pocket costs that you need to be aware of.

Be sure to look the plans closely to see which one will be right for you. You want to choose the plant that fits your situation best and not one that is simply the most popular or cheapest. You do have plenty of choices, and if Cigna Medicare supplemental insurance for 2018 doesn’t have the plan you are looking or, you can go elsewhere for your coverage. Still, they are a good company to receive coverage from and are worth checking out.

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