AARP Medicare Supplement Plan G

AARP sells lots of different medical insurance plans. Some of their most popular are the Medicare supplement plans that attach onto and add more coverage for the basic Medicare plan. Their most requested of these is AARP Medicare Supplement Plan G.

What You Get with Plan G

The reason why it is so popular is not just because of how much coverage it offers. It is one of the highest coverage plan available. But it also offers that coverage at a relatively low price. It’s higher priced than plan that rank lower than it in overall coverage, but not nearly as expensive as the next plan up the coverage list, Plan F. Plan F is the one full-coverage plan available, and it is generally priced quite high as a result. It’s not that it offers a lot more than Plan G, because it doesn’t. It is simply so expensive because it is the only plan that covers all the supplemental expenses.



Medicare Supplement Plans 2018


Plan G covers almost the same amount of supplemental expenses. Let’s take a moment to look at them. If you signed up for Plan G today, you would receive coverage for all the co-payments for Medicare parts A and B, the coinsurance on nursing care and hospital expenses, the Medicare Part A deductible, foreign travel exchange (up to 80% and a lifetime coverage of $50,000), some pints of blood (up to three a year) and Medicare Part B excess charges.

If you were to compare Plan G to Plan F, you would see that there isn’t much difference. The only thing that Plan G leaves for you to cover from the various supplemental expenses is the Medicare Part B deductible. You will pay $183 for this deductible and it is possible you will have to pay it a few times during the course of the year. How often you have to pay it will determine if you need Plan F or not. You definitely want to compare the price difference between Plan F and Plan G before you make your decision, though. It’s generally not worth it to go with Plan F.

Saving Money on Plan G

AARP Medicare Supplement Plan G 2018If you are interested in signing up for Plan G, you can do so through a number of other companies, because AARP does not yet offer it. It’s a popular plan and one that’s easy to find, and it is becoming easier to locate each year. People are catching on that it is a very economically-priced plan and that it offers more value for your dollar than any other Medicare supplement plan available.

If you want to pay less than what most other people are paying for the plan, however, you should use our website and the free resource we offer there. It’s a quote generator, and you just tell us what plan you want and where you live, and we will look for quotes for you from all the major insurance companies in your area. This process sonly takes a few moments, and you can quickly have an answer as to who is selling Plan G the cheapest.  If there were an AARP Medicare Supplement Plan G, it may not be the least expensive version of the plan, and it is worth knowing if you are shopping for coverage on a budget.

You should also know that the coverage doesn’t change on the plan just because the price does. You can get a good deal on Plan G or any Medicare supplement plan and still receive the same coverage as you would if you were to buy it anywhere else.

Why Use AARP?

We are covering AARP’s insurance plans here because they are well regarded among seniors and retirees. They provide services that go above and beyond what anyone else does for this age group, and not all of their services are locked behind a paywall. They actually do a lot of charitable work for the elderly, which is commendable. AARP has been in the business of helping seniors and retirees for a very long time, and they continue to expand their reach and grow their services in new directions all the time.

Medical insurance is one of their foremost services, and they offer more medical insurance plans for seniors than just about anyone else. That includes Medicare supplement plans like Plan G and its counterparts. By signing up with one of these plans with AARP, consumers are getting more than just the coverage the plan offers, but they are also going to receive the excellent customer service and member benefits that comes with being associated with AARP.

About United Healthcare

As a very large company, AARP has to partner with smaller companies to reach some of its customers or to provide specialized services. One of its partners, United Healthcare, sells medical insurance to consumers. It offers a lot of the same plans as AARP does, but at different rates and with different member benefits. The coverage is, of course, the exact same, though. Neither AARP or United Healthcare has any say over what kind of coverage the Medicare supplement plans have.

They can decide which plans to offer, though, and United Healthcare has so far abstained from offering Plan G. It does sell its customers plans F and N, which offer slightly higher and slightly lower coverage, respectively. But it has not offered Plan G yet. That may change soon, as more and more companies are adding the plan to their roster. They see that its popularity is increasing and that more people than ever are buying Plan G, and they want part of that action.

It is likely just going to be a matter of time before United Healthcare offers the same plan as its parent company. Plan G is already overtaking Plan F as the most popular Medicare supplement plan around. Until United Healthcare decides to offer it, however, you can always just purchase AARP Medicare Supplement Plan G when it becomes available. Or you can wait it out and hope United Healthcare offers it soon, if that’s the insurance provider you want to buy your plan from.


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