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It is incredibly easy to find medical coverage that takes care of most your medical bills. You don’t have to keep searching because there is a supplemental coverage plan that attaches to your Medicare basic plan and that offers you even more coverage. You can sign up for one of the Mutual of Omaha plans today, just by filling out a Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Online Application using our website.

It is so simple. You just click on the banner below and fill in all the relevant information note application form. That form is submitted to Mutual of Omaha directly, and you will hear back from them shortly. If you like the terms they propose for the coverage plan then you can agree to them and start getting coverage right away. If not, you are under no obligation even after submitting the application. Just back out and keep on looking for the ideal coverage.


Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Online Application


Why Medicare Supplemental Coverage Is a Good Choice

There are tons of medical insurance plans there, but very few of them work with what you already have. All the Medicare supplemental plans that Mutual of Omaha offers are compatible with the basic Medicare plan. They add on to it with additional overage that you cannot get through any other type of plan.

Mutual of Omaha has a list of plans to choose from, so there should be something there that will work well for you. You are welcome to talk to their insurance agents, who will assist you in finding the right plan for your needs. This supplemental plan is designed to work with a lot of people’s situations, covering their common medical expenses and providing them coverage for emergencies and unexpected medical procedures. If you choose the appropriate plan, you should be well covered no matter how your health changes.

Supplemental coverage is a good choice for any senior, as it can provide them with a safety net, should they need additional coverage. They don’t need to worry about paying a lot out of their own pockets. They can be covered for what they need and just keep paying their monthly premiums. This plan provides peace of mind for a lot of people, and if you feel like you are not as covered as you need to be by your current plan, then one of these supplemental plans may be a good choice for you.

What Will Be Covered

Let’s look specifically at what medical expenses get covered with these plans. If you have Medicare’s basic plan, then you are already covered for 80% of all your Medicare Part A and Part B expenses. That’s a lot of coverage, but what about the other 20 percent? The supplemental plans can cover much of that for you, plus additional costs that Medicare doesn’t even touch.

The plans that Mutual of Omaha offers and that you can sign up for by filling out a Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Online Application all pull their cover from the same list. They may be different plans, but they all have some similarities. Here is the list of medical expenses that your supplemental plan could cover for you:

  • Co-payments
  • Coinsurance
  • Deductibles
  • Pints of Blood
  • Emergency medical transport for foreign countries
  • Nursing care costs
  • Hospice care
  • Excess charges for when the costs are greater than what Medicare normally allows

Now all the plans available won’t cover all these expenses. Some of them only cover a handful or only cover bits and pieces of these items. Others will cover almost all these in their entirety. Only Plan F covers every one of them to their maximum amount. It’s the one full coverage plan, and many people choose it over the others that Mutual of Omaha sells.

The most popular Medicare Supplement Plan with Mutual of Omaha is Plan F. This covers 100% of the gaps in Medicare, leaving you with no bills to pay on all Medicare-approved expenses. Premiums vary by state, age, zip code, and tobacco use. Be sure to click the “Apply Now” Banner so you can begin to see what your rates will be on these plans.

However, Plan G and Plan N are very similar to Plan F. They come with almost the same coverage, with slightly less coverage being offered by these two plans. That slight coverage difference makes for a big cost difference, many times. People are starting to realize this, which is why Plan G, the second highest coverage plan available, has gained a lot of traction recently and become the most popular of all the supplemental Medicare plans.

This is the plan that more and more people sign up for every year, so if you have a lot of medical costs to cover, you may want to consider Plan G instead of the obvious full coverage Plan F. You may just find that you save more money, even if you aren’t covered as much. It may be cheaper to pay for that difference from your own finances than to have Plan F cover it for you.

It’s up to you to choose the right plan, though. No one can tell you for sure what the best plan for you is. You must decide that for yourself. You’ll need to look at your own finances and your own state of health to decide what it is you need from coverage plan first and what you can afford. Then choose the plan that seems to offer the most applicable coverage for your situation. Your circumstances will lab different from other people’s, so you cannot rely on what is the most popular plan or what your friends chose. You must choose the supplemental coverage plan that works well for your individual needs.


mutual of omaha online application


You can start by looking at what Mutual of Omaha has to offer. We can link directly to their plans, and you can sign up for them through us. That won’t cost you extra, and we earn no profit off you. You can even fill out the application on this page without being obligated to sign up for anything or pay for anything. The Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Online Application gives you direct access to this trusted insurance company and all its plans, so take some time to look at what Mutual of Omaha offers before you make your coverage decision.