Medicare Supplements 2018

Medicare subscribers and those who will soon be buying Medicare plans should know about the supplemental plans that Medicare offers. These plans are not sold by Medicare directly, but it allows other insurance companies to provide its Medicare Supplements for 2018.

These are plans with lots of different coverage options. You can go with a low-coverage plan or a high-coverage one, and you can even choose how much you are willing to pay for these plans. The prices vary among the different insurance companies selling the plans, and if you don’t like the quote you get from one company, you can keep looking for quotes from a number of other companies until you find one you like.

It’s an easier process if you use our website to shop the rates and compare prices. We provide what is known as a quote generator, where you just put in your location and desired plan and we do the rest. We’ll get you quotes from several different insurance companies all at once for you to use, and you can then know who has the lowest price on the plan you want to buy. It’s a very convenient and fast way to compare prices, and it’s totally free.

Before you go over to our site and look at what the different prices are, you should know what the different plans offer.

The Medicare Supplement Plans and Their Coverage

Medicare has 10 different plans that fall under the category of supplement plan. These plans range in coverage from low to high, and most people have a good idea as to what level of coverage they need. For instance, if you have Medicare’s basic plan, but you still have a lot of medical expenses left that you have to pay, then you will need a high-coverage plan. The plans that fall under that classification are Plan F, Plan G and Plan N. With Plan F, you get the full package- full coverage for every supplemental expense Medicare lists.

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That includes coverage for all co-payments from Medicare parts A and B, all deductibles from Medicare parts A and B, the Medicare Part B excess charges and Part A hospital expenses coverage. With Plan F, you are further covered for some extra pints of blood beyond what your base Medicare plan will cover as well as for up to 80% of all foreign travel exchange. Some of these have limits to them or run out after a certain period of time, but the coverage is still expensive and more than most people need.

That’s the key here, as many people have signed up for Plan F thinking they could benefit from a full coverage plan. What they end up seeing is that there are cheaper plans that could do almost as much and could save them money. The savings from going with a plan cheaper than Plan F can really add up year over year. Even if you need the coverage that Plan F provides, the price that comes attached with that plan makes the amount of coverage moot, in many cases.

Medicare Supplements for 2018 offer some very similar coverage to one another. For example, Plan G comes with nearly identical coverage to Plan F. The difference lies in a single piece of coverage- the Medicare Part B deductible. Plan F covers it and Plan G does not. Plan F is actually the only Medicare supplement plan to cover this medical expense, but it’s a fairly insignificant one when compared to most. The deductible will only cost you $183. Now, it could become a repeated expense, in which case, Plan F might be worth the asking price, but usually it’s cheaper to pay for that out of your own pocket and go with a lower coverage plan instead.


Medicare Supplements 2018


Plan N has similar coverage to Plan G. It only loses a bit more coverage, asking you to pay for Part b deductible as well, the Part B excess charges and a few minor copayments. Like Plan G, it is much cheaper than Plan F will ever be.

Changing Coverage

From time to time the coverage on these supplemental plans will change. It isn’t something the insurance companies selling them can do. They aren’t allowed to touch the actual coverage offered by the various plans. They have to abide by Medicare’s strict coverage rules, and only Medicare is allowed to make coverage changes.

The rates change all the time, though, and it’s to your advantage to keep track of those changes as they happen. You can use our website to see changes when they occur and check back as often as you need to get updated rates. We will keep our information current and source the rates directly from the insurance companies for you.

The coverage many change on the plan you want at some point. Medicare has the right to change its plans when it likes and give them different coverage. It will let its subscribers know when it plans to do that, though, well ahead of when those changes occur. So, you should know about any incoming changes long before they happen.

As of right now, Medicare has said that no changes to the coverage will happen all through 2018. You have the rest of this year and all of 2018 to enjoy the same kind of coverage that is being offered right now. If you plan to buy Medicare or its supplements in 2018, you can easily start looking right now and see what is being offered. That coverage isn’t going anywhere for a while.

That’s good news for anyone who knows they want one of the Medicare supplements for 2018  but isn’t sure which one yet. They can spend some time looking at the plans, comparing the coverage and then comparing the prices to find the best deal and the most suitable coverage. It’s wise to take some time and plan out which of the supplemental coverage plans you should be getting long before you actually need it.


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