Medicare Supplement Plan G in 2018

Coverage for your medical costs can help you to actually afford the healthcare you need. Medicare’s basic calm may go along ways toward doing just that, but it can leave you with lots of smaller costs for you to pay through the year. Those co-payments, deductibles and other expenses really add up, and you may need to find some way to cover those costs. Medicare Supplement Plan G in 2018 covers a large percentage of leftover costs from Original Medicare, and it’s a good option for people who need a lot of additional coverage.

Coverage Offered by Plan G

Each of the 10 Supplement plans has something different to offer you. Some of them provide low coverage, and then ones like Plan G offer high coverage. Let’s take a look at what it covers for those who sign up for it.


medicare supplement plan g 2018


Plan G will cover annual expenses, such as the Medicare Part A deductible and three pints of blood each year. It also covers you for payments you have to make every time you visit the hospital or the doctor’s office, such as the Part A and Part B copayments. You’ll also be covered by Plan G for common expenses like skilled nursing care as well as uncommon ones, such as Medicare Part B excess charges and foreign transport for emergency medical care.

Not many of the plans cover more than Plan G does, and it is considered one of the most robust Medicare Supplement plans available. The coverage is guaranteed to stay the same no matter which insurance provider you choose to buy the plan from. You could go to Aetna and get Plan G for one price or go to AARP and get it for another, and you would still receive the same coverage at both places. That’s something that Medicare makes sure of.

The individual insurance companies that are tasked with selling the plans are able to set the prices to whatever they want, but the coverage and benefits are not up to them to decide. Those are chosen by Medicare and only Medicare can change them. So, you can be sure that you will get the same Plan G no matter where you chose to buy it from. That gives seniors peace of mind when they go to buy their insurance plans. They have an idea of what they are getting, and they know that they are guaranteed certain things, even if the price can be all over the place.

Medicare Supplement Plan G in 2018 – Cost

It’s not complicated to sign up for a Medicare Supplement plan like Plan G. However, if you don’t know who is selling them or where to start, it can be kind of confusing. It’s not something that Medicare is going to sell you. They really only sell their basic plan, Original Medicare.

Medicare Supplement Plan G in 2018So, if you are wanting Medicare Plan G or one of the other supplemental plans, you’ll have to choose a private insurance company to buy it from. You may not know which provider has the plan you are wanting or what prices they are charging. Instead of going to each and every insurance company you can think of to ask for quotes or to find out of they even sell the plan, you can use a price comparison service online to get your answers. These are free services offered by a number of organizations that compare the rates for you and give you accurate and up-to-date quotes that are direct from the source.

You will not be able to sign up just anytime of the year. You have to apply during specific windows that have been set aside for signups. These are known as general enrollment and Open Enrollment. General enrollment runs from the start of the year until the end of March. Open Enrollment starts sometime in November and runs through about the end of December, but the exact dates change every so often.

You can also sign up around your 65th birthday, if you want to. Applications are accepted up to three months before you turn 65 until three months after you turn 65.

The Medicare Supplement plans are not something you can just sign up for on their own. You have to have the basic Medicare plan first. That plan is required for any supplement plans to attach onto it, because they are meant to work together. You could have just the basic Medicare plan on its own, but you can’t sign up solely for any of the Supplement plans.

Choosing the Right Coverage Plan

Not everyone needs a Supplement plans. Some of them are going to be too much for most people, while others will be inadequate for some people. You’ll have to sort through them to choose the most suitable one for you.

Plan G is on the higher end of the coverage scale, but it is also a great deal for those people who really need what it is offering. No other plan can offer such great coverage at such a reasonable price, most of the time.

Plan N is comparable to Plan G, and it covers nearly the same things, but just shaves off a bit of coverage here and there. Plan F comes with more coverage than either of those plans, and it is the most complete of all the Supplement plans. Most people don’t benefit from buying this plan over Plan G, as Plan G tends to save them money overall.

You’ll have to choose your plan wisely. We can’t say to you that one plan is going to be a better choice for you in your specific circumstances than another plan. Only by looking at what your needs are and what you can afford and comparing that to what these plans offer can you make the right decision You can get some guidance from your insurance agent and from your doctor to better understand what plan might be a good pick in your circumstances. It could be Medicare Supplement Plan G in 2018, or it could be another plan entirely.


Medicare Supplement Plans 2018