Medicare Coverage for 2018

Medicare coverage in 2018 provides for your healthcare expenses can be quite substantial. We want to show you the mediate coverage that’s available and allow you to make an informed choice as to which Medicare plan, if any, you should be applying for.

What You Could Sign Up for

There are a few different kinds of medical plans available to you. Once you are 65 years old, most of them should be open to you, and you shoulder able to sign up for any one of them that you wish. You can sign up earlier than that, if you meet special conditions.

The insurance plan that most people get through Medicare is known as Original Medicare. This will cover you for both Part A and Part B of the Medicare coverage services. These two parts are rarely sold separately, so you’ll often have to buy them as package deal if you want what either of them of them is providing. We will discuss shortly what these plans and all the rest of them cover for you.


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Part C takes Original Medicare and provides more coverage on top of that base plan.

Part D is a separate plan that is only available through private insurance companies.

Supplement plans are also only available by visiting or contacting private insurance companies. There are lots of different Supplement plans, and they cover expenses not covered by most of the other Medicare plans.

How These Plans Cover You

Each of the plans offers something different for you in coverage. Let’s start with the basic plan Original Medicare. This covers you for a lot of inpatient and outpatient expenses. Those ar both expenses for services where you spend a lot of time in the hospital as well as for those times when you are in and out of the hospital or doctor’s office. They cover things like x-rays, nursing care, blood usage, hospital stays, tests, treatment and more.

Part C includes all that and it also adds coverage for a lot of emergency and urgently needed services. Some Part C plans (which are also known as Advantage plans) will cover you for even more. They may include coverage for prescription drugs as well as for checkups you need all year long.

Part D covers a lot of prescription drug costs. It may not cover all your drugs, but it can cover the majority of commonly used drugs. These vary from one insurance company to the next, as do Part C plans, so pay close attention to what is being covered and how much you are being charged for that coverage.

Supplement plans attach onto the Original Medicare plan. They cover you for emergency medical travel outside the US, deductibles, copayments, excess charges and more. They essentially cover most of the expenses not already covered by parts A and B of Medicare, and you can decide how much coverage you want from these by choosing from one of the 10 different Supplement plans.

These are your Medicare coverage for 2018 options, and you’ll have to choose your plan carefully, if you want the best coverage at the best price. Not just any plan will do. It is best to just take your time and look through all that is available and compare it against what you need to have covered and how much you can afford to pay for this plan. Your coverage needs, and your budget should be the major determining factors when you are choosing medical insurance plans. Ultimately, you want to pick a plan that saves you as much money as possible while still meeting your healthcare needs.

Are You Eligible for Coverage?

Medicare coverage 2018 If you are a senior, you could probably do with one of the coverage plans that Medicare offers. However, not everyone is eligible. If you are 65 years old and a US citizen, then your eligibility is practically assured. It’s very easy to qualify for Medicare, and many people are automatically approved once they turn 65. There may be circumstances in your life that would make you eligible for Medicare before the age of 65, such as if you have a serious medical condition or a disability. Please check with a Medicare insurance agent to find out your eligibility status.

You may not be eligible for certain plans and their coverage once you sign up for a specific plan. For instance, if you sign up for Medicare Part C, you cannot add on Supplement plan coverage to that. You also can’t sign up for Part D, if your Part C plan already insides prescription drug coverage. You will still be eligible for any plan you like, but you may need to drop one of your current plans first before you can sign up for a new one.

Only some of the plans go together, and Medicare will not allow you to buy overlapping coverage and pay twice for the same coverage on your healthcare.

Even if you are eligible for Medicare, that doesn’t mean that you should sign up, necessarily. You may not need the coverage it offers, or you may just benefit from one of the lower coverage plans. You’ll have to look at your healthcare needs and what you ar paying for medical care. Compare that to what these plans offer you to determine not only which plan you should choose but also whether you need a Medicare plan at all. Most seniors do benefit from Medicare in some way, so it’s definitely worth checking out and considering as your medical insurance service.

Remember that not all plans are sold through Medicare. Some are sold through private insurance companies, and their rates can differ greatly from one to the next, so be sure to compare them to find the best deals on Medicare coverage for you. You may be able to save a lot of many with the right plan and not have to worry so much about how much it will cost you to go to the doctor’s office or to get the treatment you need at the hospital.


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