AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2018

AARP has been selling medical insurance for a long time, and in that time, they have developed a reputation for excellent customer care and for a wide range of services. They are known as the foremost senior care service provide in the country, and that’s why we think it is worthwhile to look that they are offering for supplemental insurance. These are the AARP Medicare Supplemental insurance 2018 plans, and we want to tell you a bit about them.

Who Can Sign up for Them?

If you are at least 65 years old, then you probably are already eligible for the Medicare Supplement plans that AARP is selling. These are the same plans being sold elsewhere, at AAP’s competitors. You do have to sign up for the Medicare basic plan as well, though, if you haven’t already. You cannot have a supplemental plan without the base plan.


medicare supplement plan g 2018


That’s because the supplement plans are designed to fill in the gaps left by the base plan, as having the base one is essential. In other words, you can have the base Medicare plan without the supplement one, but you cannot have the supplement plan without the base one.

You can also only sign up for a single supplement plan at once. That’s because if you were to sign up for more than one of AARP’s Medicare supplements, then you would be paying for a lot of the same coverage twice or more, and Medicare will not allow it. Even though AARP sells these plans, Medicare still oversees them, and AARP has to abide by its rules regarding the plans. That’s the only way they will be allowed to continue to sell the plans.

How Will They Cover Me?

Let’s look at another common question that Medicare subscribers and seniors in general have about the Medicare Supplemental insurance. Many people want to know exactly what these plans are offering, which is a fair question.

You can choose how much or how little the various Medicare supplements cover you. You can decide what medical expenses you want to risk paying for out of your own pockets and which you want to enjoy the security of insurance coverage for. The ten plans provide lots of options to you, and you can pick the one that suits you best.

We won’t look at all ten of them here. You can go to Medicare’s website for supplemental insurance to find out about what each of the plans offer.

Instead, what we will focus on is the list of coverage items these plans all draw their coverage from. Some of them cover a lot of these items, while others will only cover a couple of them or only cover some of them partially.

First up is hospice care, which covers you for a lot of your expenses related to hospital stays. IV access, the cost of the room you are staying in the hospital and more can all be covered by this item.


Medicare Supplement Plans 2018


Next are the copayments. There are two of these in the AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance for 2018- Part A and Part B. These are separate items, and not all other plans will cover you for both or in full on whatever they do cover. These are expenses you will pay about as often as you visit the hospital or the doctor’s office.

Similar, coverages for Medicare’s Part A and Part B deductibles is provided as well by many of these plans. The Part B deductible is not covered nearly as much, and only two of the plans will cover it for you- F and C.

You can be covered for Medicare Part B’s excess charges too. This isn’t something most people will pay for very often, but it can come in useful if your hospital or doctor’s office of choice does not fully accept Medicare coverage.

The plans can also cover you for nursing care coinsurance, some blood and for foreign travel exchange. Some of these are fairly common expenses, while others are not, and have to decide for yourself if you need coverage in part or in full for any of these expenses.

How Do I Find the Right Plan?

We’ve mentioned already that there are ten different plans to pick from, and we think they are all the perfect one for somebody, but there are probably only one or two plans that would be good choices for you. You’ll want to look through the plans that are available to find one that you feel fits you be careful about your choice, as it can be hard to change it later on. We suggest talking to your doctor about the health problems you may be facing the near future and getting an idea of what you need to have covered.

Your insurance agent will also be a good person to go to for advice, and insurance agents for AARP will be willing to talk to you about your options as well.

We can’t say what the best plan for you is, but we can give you some pointers about finding the right plan. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to choose a plan that you can afford to pay regularly and that covers you for expenses you have trouble paying out of your own pockets. Another way of putting it is that if it saves you money to have it covered by a Medicare supplement plan, then that’s what you should go with.

Choosing medical insurance is all about saving money, and you want to be careful that you do choose the most economical plan for your situation. If you are not sure if you are picking the right plan or if you are eligible, then you can always apply for the plan and take a closer look at the cost involved before you agree to sign up for it and start paying on it. Give yourself enough time to fully examine the plans and to choose the AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2018 plan that is the best fit for you.