AARP Medicare Supplement Plan G 2018

Plan G is quickly picking up steam and taking the top spot as the most popular of all Medicare’s supplementary plans. It wasn’t that long ago that Plan F was the clear king of the supplements, but people are beginning to realize that Plan G is more affordable and offers smarter coverage. This is why AARP Medicare Supplement Plan G for 2018 will likely become one of the most popular supplement plans around.

Why Plan G Is So Great

We fully recommend Plan G to any Medicare subscriber who needs a high-coverage plan. It offers tons of coverage at a reasonable price. That price changes from one insurance provider to the next, but the coverage does not. Medicare ensures the coverage, watching over its plans and the companies who sell them to make certain that no one is changing the coverage. The prices can be all over the place. AARP offers a different price than other insurance companies do for the plan. It’s smart to compare those prices and ensure you are getting the best one.

You can do that on our websites, using the free comparison tool we have provided. You can quickly find out what several different insurance companies are asking for the plan you want, whether it is Plan G or something else.

AARP Medicare Supplement Plan G 2018What Plan G does, though, is offer substantial coverage without the high price tag of the full-coverage Plan F. With Plan G, you can be covered for all the copayments (also called coinsurance) many more hospital expense that Medicare basic plan covers, foreign travel exchange, pints of blood, excess charges and some deductibles. What you won’t be covered for it a much shorter list and it only includes one item from the supplemental coverage list. That’s the Medicare Part B deductible, which is only covered by Plan F. This deductible will cost you precisely $183, and if it isn’t repeated throughout the year, then it is definitely not worth it to try to have it covered by Plan F. That plan is so overpriced it isn’t even funny, and you are better off going with Plan G.

A Look at AARP

We are covering AARP in this article because it is a company that has developed quite a reputation within the senior age range. The company has long served retirees of all ages and seniors, and it provides them with a number of services- some of the them free and most not. Once you are signed up as a member of AARP, you can enjoy all sorts of benefits. You will have to pay for that membership, but it can be worth it to have access to a variety of different senior services you can’t really get anywhere else. AARP is a comprehensive senior service company, and it offers just about anything seniors could ask for.

They provide financial planning, lifestyle advice, health and fitness resources and, of course, medical insurance plans. They also offer other insurance plans, but it’s the medical insurance ones that are important to this discussion.

AARP Medicare Supplement Plan G in 2018 will no doubt become their top seller. It wasn’t always that way, but people are starting to become wise to what these plans offer and not be so easily fooled by promises of a full coverage plan. The truth is that most people don’t need a full-coverage supplement plan, nor can many of them afford it. Plan F almost feels likes a scam, and we are so glad that AARP offers Plan G as well for those who want it and who know better.

AARP works with lots of different partners to bring in new clients. These companies are tasked with specializing in different industries. So, while AARP itself can deal in insurance, finance, health and fitness and more, its partner companies tend to stick to one area of expertise.


Medicare Supplement Plans 2018


United Healthcare

One of those companies that have partnered with AARP is United Healthcare. They offer consumers medical insurance, and that includes Medicare supplement plans. Now, you won’t find every supplement plan being offered by this company. Few insurance companies actually offer all 10 of the Medicare supplement plans. That’s partially to keep things simplified and partially to save money. They know not a lot of people will go for some of the plans, so if they just streamline their offerings, they have less work to do and less to keep track of. They can serve their customers better by focusing only on plans that they know their customers are likely to be interested in.

The difference between some of the plans is miniscule, and it may not make sense to offer some of them when most people won’t even look at those plans and will really only consider the few high-coverage ones.

Plan G isn’t something that United Healthcare offers. The company surely sees how popular it is becoming, but they haven’t made any public moves to add it to their offerings. It can take time to introduce a new plan to a lineup, and that could be what’s holding them up. After all, Plan G has been the most popular plan for a little while now.

It simple makes sense for United Healthcare to include it in their lineup from now on. They would be doing their customers a disservice if they were not to include the most popular plan as part of what they are offering.

AARP does sell the plan, as we already discussed, but they do allow their partners some freedom, and if United Healthcare refuses to sell the pan, for whatever reason, then AARP will likely permit them to continue like that for a while. But that is money on the table and United Healthcare could be missing a great opportunity to reach more customers. People are buying Plan G, and if United Healthcare isn’t offering it, then they will go somewhere else.

Right now, consumers can enjoy AARP Medicare Supplement Plan Gfor 2018. Whether they will be able to enjoy the same thing from United Healthcare remains to be seen. It is likely only a matter of time before it shows up in their inventory, though.



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